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We take pride in providing excellent patient care. Your smile is unique. Dr. Shim’s treatment planning process is also unique to each patient. Using our digital technology, we eliminate any human error when it comes to taking impressions. You can be confident in getting great results.

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What are Dental Implants?

Millions of Americans deal with missing teeth due to bad hygiene, physical incidents, etc. Implant dentistry has made this life-affecting issue a thing of the past. Your missing teeth will be replaced with a Titanium implant, the most biologically compatible material; then a ceramic tooth-shaped cover will be placed on top of it that matches the rest of your teeth perfectly! With this life-changing process, you can restore your oral health, eat all the crunchiest/chewiest food you desire, and smile confidently once again.

  • Smile from cheek to cheek with your pearly whites
  • Chew with confidence and restore your normal diet
  • Boost your oral health
  • Never feel embarrassed of missing teeth again
  • Regain your normal life with a full set of teeth

Dental Implant Treatment

Dental Implants are game-changers that can help patients with a single tooth or a full-mouth restoration.

Replacing a Single Tooth

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Replacing All Your Teeth

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To evaluate your candidacy for an implant and to come up with the best treatment method, Dr. Shim will meet with you to review your dental and medical history. During the consultation, The doctor will learn more about your lifestyle and evaluate your goals for oral health. This will allow the doctor to present to you the best treatment plan which aligns with your dental goals. This is also the point where you can ask all your questions and concerns regarding dental implants

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